2005-2017 Products for Vessels / Marine products

Toppos Products supplied products for use in the machine room / engine room. The products where sold from 2005 on. Our products have been used by many ship owners in Netherlands and over the world, the product where supplied directly and OEM, and then implemented, by well known suppliers in the Marine industry.

2017 – Low maintenance system
We have developed a customized basic system for usage in the machine room, that fits to the very basic needs, and suits the low-maintenance requirements in the market. No netwerk systems, nor high-maintenance in usage, but just an easy to use, on/off solution.

Machine room

2005-2016 Trade in visual equipment

Toppos Products has sold visual products thru resellers. With pleasure doing business in the Netherlands and Belgium, we provided products to end users, but mainly companies, like traders that are exporting goods to other countries and continents, like Africa or Asia, or used our products in there daily business.

2008-2009 Owl cam (Uilencam Molencaten.nl)

In this year we provided the cameras and expertise for this project to watch the owl in the nest live in the leisure park Molecaten on the main website. A lot of footages was made. Which made a lot of people happy, being able to see all the too cute small little owls, newly born, live on the camera.